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Graduated by the Real Conservatorio de Música de Madrid, Pablo Navarro is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and recognized Spanish musicians of our time.


He is a transgressive artist and the creator of a new artistic concept that has significantly helped to bring an instrument such as violin and classical music to the new young audience.


Their personal and refined sound along with their technique and interpretative capacity have been valued not only in our country (Spain) but they have crossed borders (U.S., Algeria, Lebanon, Panama, Nicaragua, etc.).


The professional qualities that from an early age showed were supported and guided by Mr. Pedro León, international concertist and Concertino of the ORTVE, and by other masters of the level of Mauricio Fuks, Victor Martín, Nga Vu or Alfredo García, among others, who knew how to inculcate in Pablo the highest level of demand and musical rigor.

All these values are transmitted in each of their concerts.


Pablo Navarro is an exceptional and appreciated talented musician not only by his audience but by his own colleagues.

Pablo Navarro has step by step become one of the references of this instrument, both in exclusive events and in social networks.

For his concerts he has an instrument of great historical value, a Carlo Antonio Testore violin from 1757.

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